Executive and Managerial Coaching: We proudly offer our clients coaching services of the highest quality and with coaches that are not only certified or credentialed, but who bring ‘hands on’ real world managerial experience and can personally relate to many issues. This coaching background allows participants to feel confident that they are understood. Our coaching is tailored specifically to the individual client and we provide obtainable steps to achieve the desired goal(s).

Group Coaching: Our group coaching sessions introduce some aspects of teambuilding, group thinking, brainstorming, and sharing mutual support from participants. We include the concept of ‘train the trainer’ in these group settings. During these sessions, we teach and train on best practices for the participants to use in meeting their own coaching needs.

360° Feedback Program: This is our preferred method to help identify the needs of our executive and managerial clients. The process includes obtaining feedback from the client’s subordinates, peers, and manager. The goal is to give the client a complete perspective by acknowledging and addressing both the perceived and actual strengths and weaknesses discovered during the process.