Resource Management

Within our spectrum of resource management service offerings, InSight Performance Group provides clients a straightforward, yet comprehensive, process from start to finish. Throughout our initial discussions, during ongoing assessments, while delivering services, and evaluating outcomes, we listen to our clients. We advise them with new ideas or documented best practices and follow through for overall goal satisfaction.

Organizational Assessment: We partner with you to ensure the best outcome for your organization. Our assessments result in a comprehensive action plan that includes deadlines, milestones, and responsible parties for each identified task. But it doesn’t end there. We assist in the implementation and execution of our assessment findings and recommendations to achieve the desired results.

Process Improvements: We identify the key stakeholders and meet with each to gain a better understanding of the issues and expectations. Items are prioritized and methods of streamlining processes for the most efficient use of resources are shared, adjusted, and implemented.

Human Resources Support: We provide transformational services in support of your human resources needs. They include organizational change recommendations, review of incentive programs, training and support for personnel, and oversight of research data needed for proposed programs. We pride ourselves on understanding what our clients need in order to customize a product and apply our most appropriate service and expertise to result in positive outcomes.

Award and Recognition Programs: When creating employee incentives, we emphasize the inclusion of all employees with customized programs that recognize each individual. In addition to the program creation and implementation support, our service options include a rewards catalog for employee reward selection and tracking the data from the program activities. Through this process, our clients realize the value of employee award and recognition and the positive impact it has on performance, productivity, and workplace moral.