Leadership Development Training: Our specialty through the years has been developing and delivering effective, innovative, and responsive leadership development training programs for a variety of clients and audiences. In addition to personality and leadership type assessments, our unique training techniques include the videotaping of our training sessions. These video observation methods allow for specific individuals, the instructor, and the teams, to review, comment, and learn from the unscripted ‘real time’ events.

Teambuilding Training: We understand the nuance of team dynamics and created a training program that ensures individual, team, and organization success. Our teambuilding training includes personality and group assessments and videotaping group participants to learn from the visual interactions among the group sessions. An added value from the teambuilding sessions is the focus on a purposeful project that is created by the teams and then donated to a local non-profit for children.

Diversity and Workplace Harassment Training: While adhering to federal and state mandates, our diversity and workplace harassment training is provided to audiences in a lively and enlightening manner. We feel this energizing way of incorporating rules and regulations invite attendees to not only listen and learn, but to actually remember information to effectively carry back to their workplace.